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If you are interested in volunteering with us, first browse through our program for detailed descriptions of the volunteer requirements and the volunteer positions that we offer. Have a careful think about our minimum volunteer contribution of $300 USD and make sure you are comfortable with this cost. Ensure you have read our code of conduct as it’s very important that you know how you are expected to behave while you are volunteering for SwimTayka.

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Expected Spanish Level at start of volunteering - We do have a number of projects where you can volunteer with no Spanish or basic Spanish. However, we also offer to arrange Spanish lessons for when you arrive, where with 4 weeks intensive course you can boost your Spanish to the next level up opening up a wider range of projects and enabling you to contribute more.

Why do you think that you would be a good volunteer here in SwimTayka? (max 150 words)

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Please attach an up to date c.v. or summary of your education and work/volunteer experience here in Word or ....... (whatever other file types we could accept). Any queries, please send us an e-mail in parallel with your application form