Words From Volunteers

Deux jours après mon arrivée à Huanchaco, dans l’ONG Otra Cosa Network, j’ai rencontré ma future équipe de travail: Bryan & Quique (pour les intimes) avec qui j’allais donner des cours de natation à des enfants incroyables (et je ne pèse pas mes mots) ! Des enfants toujours motivés, qui veulent apprendre, remplis d’énergie et tellement attachants.

Chloé Joseph (Belgium), Intern

The children were so happy to see us each morning when we arrived to take them to the ocean (yes, the ocean). They were grateful that someone would give up their time to take them to the beach and teach them how to swim.

Fiona Weir (Scotland), Swimming Teacher

Coming Soon

Want to volunteer in Itara, Brasil?  We are in the process of forming a partnership with a local NGO in Itara to help them run a drowning prevention and environmental water stewardship program.

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