Teaching the teachers: how volunteers are supporting our Mozambique programme

A vital part of running programmes with our partner projects around the world is providing quality swim instruction to the children – which is where some of our volunteers come in. 

The focus of our partner in Mozambique – Love the Oceans – is to support the local community in establishing a Marine Protected Area in the Inhambane Province, along the coastline of Guinjata. Teaching swimming is one small part of this bigger project, which is putting environmental concerns for marine life at its heart.

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Want to help drowning prevention in Mozambique? Here’s how

Regular readers of our blog will know at SwimTayka our work is all based on partnerships with local projects around the globe, which are already working hard to support their communities.

One project we have teamed up with is Love the Oceans, in Mozambique, which is setting up a Locally Managed Marine Area (LMMA) along the coastline of Jangamo.

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Learning how to swim can protect marine life and alleviate poverty

Jangamo Bay, Mozambique is known for its diverse marine life of sharks, manta rays, and humpback whales. It was once named a top 10 place in the world for diving. 

It’s what attracted Franscesca Trotman, founder of Love The Oceans, to the area as part of a marine biology internship. After spending some time studying in the bay witnessing the shark finning industry and other unsustainable practices, she knew this place was special. It hadn’t been thoroughly studied and she wanted to change that. 

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Carrying water, weaving palm leaves and teaching swimming

Just another day at the office for Mozambique volunteers

The expression ‘thrown in at the deep end’ certainly applies to SwimTayka volunteers, taking part in our swimming project in Mozambique.

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