Chairmans Report 2021

Chairman report

More growth, pandemic and UN Resolution

A lot of work has gone into the SwimTayka Strategy as we have a strategy that aligns with the World Health Organizations key points on Drowning Prevention, giving us a good foundation for the next five to ten years. I feel confident that we can follow and campaign this strategy worldwide.

I felt hope at the start of the year in 2021 that we might restart some of our programmes; this was taken away by the pandemic once again.

I warmly welcome two staff members to SwimTayka, Lauren Cambridge and Laura Bracey, Fundraising Manager and Volunteer Coordinator, both vital jobs within SwimTayka.

The biggest and most exciting news in 2021 was the United Nations General Assembly members adopting a historic resolution, committing to more significant efforts to prevent drowning. Which SwimTayka fully supports and will be campaigning towards making this resolution successful and ultimately reducing the number of drownings worldwide. The UN resolution could not have come at a better time for SwimTayka; with our expansion to more countries, we can build and work with more partners and gain more support from local governments worldwide.

SwimTayka cannot function without the support of our volunteers and fundraisers. Our fundraisers have been so busy in 2021, and we have two teams swim from England to France and swimmers swim a marathons swim down the River Thames, both tremendous achievements; well done to you all. Our volunteers have been outstanding in helping build SwimTayka, Claire in Singapore, who is so helpful in keeping the accounts and finances together, Millie in search of new partners and locations to support around the world, along with the dedication of the other volunteers. A big thank you.

I hope that the world can start getting back to normal again, we have a mission, and we are ready to teach the children how wonderful water is and how to be safe. We have already started planning all our projects to reopen in 2022, and we are ready for a busy 2022 ahead of us.

Most of all, I’d like to thank all the volunteers who help run SwimTayka, who are worldwide.