Dominican Republic


We are partnered with the DREAM Project which provides more than 670,000 hours of quality education to more than 7,000 children through 14 different programs across 27 communities in the Dominican Republic. In addition, DREAM programs indirectly benefit thousands more each year by reaching our students’ family members, social networks and their extended communities.

Words From Volunteers

Deux jours après mon arrivée à Huanchaco, dans l’ONG Otra Cosa Network, j’ai rencontré ma future équipe de travail: Bryan & Quique (pour les intimes) avec qui j’allais donner des cours de natation à des enfants incroyables (et je ne pèse pas mes mots) ! Des enfants toujours motivés, qui veulent apprendre, remplis d’énergie et tellement attachants.

Chloé Joseph (Belgium), Intern

The children were so happy to see us each morning when we arrived to take them to the ocean (yes, the ocean). They were grateful that someone would give up their time to take them to the beach and teach them how to swim.

Fiona Weir (Scotland), Swimming Teacher

In Huanchaco, many of the children in the poorer areas come from migrant families, originally from the highlands, where not many people know how to swim. What SwimTayka is doing is amazing, and it really changes the children’s relationship to the ocean and boosts their self confidence!

Beata Gullberg (Sweden), NGO Peru

¡Una experiencia fantástica y tan gratificante

Quique Landa Cuba (Peru), Student


Set in an area in the Puerto Plata province in the north of the Dominican Republic, this area is noted for its tourism and beaches. This project is in the perfect location for relaxing on your days off. Volunteers receive a full week of orientation to Dominican life and culture, the town and the project before collaborating with local Dominican teachers and volunteers to lead the 5-week educational summer program for primary school youth.

Teaching Life Skills

Each year, our charity partner recruits up to 50 volunteers from around the world to work in their annual Summer School & Camp programme. Summer camp participants (ages 8-15) receive individualised academic support, and SwimTayka help provide them with the life skill of learning to swim combined with water stewardship education.

Language Requirements

Summer camp volunteers work closely with the children as swimming teacher trainers (professional development coaches), swimming assistants, and swimming instructors. All lessons are taught in Spanish, so a firm grasp of the Spanish language is a must.


June 25 to July 28, 2017 (5 weeks) Volunteers must commit to the full term.

Deadline to apply

April 15, 2017


  • Intermediate to advanced Spanish skills are required, and native speakers are encouraged to apply.
  • Volunteers must be at least 18 years old at the start of the program.
  • Must have experience teaching or working with children.
  • Must complete a criminal background check and be cleared for working with children.


Minimum fund raising target of $3,800 per volunteer for the full 5 weeks

Cost includes return flights to Puerto Plata, orientation week, field trips, accommodation, 3 meals a day during the work week (Sunday dinner though Friday lunch), drinking water, pick up/drop off from the Puerto Plata airport (up to 48 hours before the start of camp and 48 hours after the end of camp), oversight, and program costs. The $40 application fee is waived for experienced, certified teachers. Certified teachers with less than 3 years experience may apply for a half-fee waiver. Health insurance, any necessary travel visas and vaccinations are not covered.


If you have previously volunteered with the SwimTayka, please follow the same application procedure and include an updated resume and we will use your recommendation letters already on file. Please include a letter on why you would like to return and what you hope to achieve during the program.

Certified Teachers: One of the goals of the Summer School and Camp is to offer local teachers from sponsored public schools, access to quality professional development. Our charity partner actively seek trained professionals with at least three years of teaching experience and fluency in Spanish to volunteer as teacher trainers. If you wish to apply for this, apply as a Certified Teacher including your certifications and resume with the application above, the $40 application fee is then waived.