All swimming instructors must be experienced, open water swimmers, Tri-Athletes, certified swimming instructors or lifeguards. Volunteers who also have experience working with children in the water embody a passion for clean water and environmental education are welcome.

Volunteers with a basic level of Spanish or other languages local to the project will thrive.


Volunteering with SwimTayka is very similar to volunteering with other organisations. We ask for a time commitment of 2 weeks to 2 months – depending on your availability and the necessity of the programme.

As a swimming instructor, you may spend up to 6 hours a day working with children on land, in the pool, or in the ocean. Volunteers are supported by established NGOs in the area and will have at least one group meeting per week. Individual support is provided on an ‘as required’ basis.


SwimTayka will work in any location around the world where underserved communities live near open water, providing the host country is safe for our volunteers to visit and work in, and providing there is a host NGO available to work with SwimTayka.

Currently, we are working with NGOs in South America, Africa and Asia