Brazil programme reaches its half decade

Now running for five years, SwimTakya’s partnership with Brazil-based charity ETIV do Brasil ensured around 150 children were taught to swim on the 2023 programme alone.

Based in Itacaré, Bahia, the programme runs from September to November, during which children in the area are given access to free swimming lessons and education in drowning prevention.

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SwimTayka Dives into African Waters to Prevent Drowning

Perth, Australia – In a pivotal move towards global drowning prevention, SwimTayka has partnered with local entities in Africa to confront the critical issue of drowning, which accounts for the deaths of nearly 236,000 individuals globally each year. This significant collaboration was spotlighted at the World Conference on Drowning Prevention 2023 (WCDP 2023), conducted from 4-7 December in Perth, Western Australia.

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Teaching almost 70 children to swim

There’s more to running a successful swim programme than simply getting children together with instructors. The programme has to run effectively, to teach the optimum number of children in a relatively short timeframe.

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Putting drowning prevention on the world stage

SwimTayka had the chance to spread the word about the work we do, at the recent World Conference on Drowning Prevention.

The event, held in Perth, Australia, aimed to focus world attention on drowning prevention, gathering together experts in drowning prevention, lifesaving and water safety. SwimTayka was lucky to be represented at the four-day event by Dr Neil Rushton and SwimTayka trustee Robert Hamilton.

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Preparing for the English Channel Relay – A Cold Water Swimming Guide

Embarking on the formidable challenge of the English Channel relay? Cold water training is a crucial aspect of your preparation. With the Channel’s unpredictable and often icy conditions, acclimatising your body and mind to cold water is essential. This guide provides insights into the best UK locations for cold water training, tips for safe and effective practice, and resources to help you gear up for the ultimate swimming challenge.

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Creating self-sustaining swim programmes around the world

There is a great proverb that goes, “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.

And this is, in our own way, exactly what we aim to do with our SwimTayka programmes (and it’s a bonus that the proverb is water-related!)

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Hammer comes down on charity networking auction

A crack of dawn auction to raise money for Swindon-based charity SwimTayka netted almost £300 when more than a dozen lots went under the hammer.

The event was hosted by long-standing Swindon-based networking group BNi Read, which meets every Wednesday for breakfast, and has been going for 20 years. 

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SwimTayka’s success at the STA Conference

The Swimming Teachers’ Association (STA) annual conference, held in October, gave SwimTayka the perfect platform to connect with industry experts, swimming professionals, and enthusiastic volunteers. 

We sent a team headed by Fundraising Manager Ash Fanglore and our Founder Bryan Avery, along with other dedicated staff members. It was a wonderful opportunity for SwimTayka, providing ongoing and long-term benefits to our charity.

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Reaching new heights with swim programme in Mozambique

This year’s programme in Mozambique has proved more successful than ever. Not only have we taught a record number of children in one day, we’re breaking down barriers by training women to become swimming teachers.

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We’re all in awe of Channel swimmer Sophie

Anybody who’s heard about the feat of Channel swimmer Sophie Etheridge cannot fail to be amazed at her resilience.

Sophie, an adaptive swimmer using only her arms, completed the challenge in 29 hours and 4 minutes, which is believed to be a world record for the longest crossing.

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