Smell of Rubbish

Have you ever met a child who lives in a rubbish dump? Who has to shower before getting into the pool otherwise the flies constantly hassle him or her because they still smell of rubbish?

We have and we love them. Sadly we should have been out in Itacare, Brazil, in June, working with children from impoverished communities (a rubbish dump and a favela) with our partners @etivdobrasil Although it couldn’t happen this year we will be back in 2021. Here are some highlights from last year’s programme.

1. Many of the children were terrified of getting their faces wet when they arrived and by the end, they were confident strong swimmers.

2. The community are extremely supportive of what we do as although they have some of the best surf beaches in the word the majority of their children and adults cannot swim. Through us, the children learn to swim and then they can learn to surf!

3. Brazil is known for its football and typically any other project that doesn’t feature it attracts very few boys. Our project, however, had a great mix of boys and girls which was superb.

4. Because of our support, EITV do Brasil were able to double the number of children attending as we could offer transport to and from their communities.