Swimming for almost 19 hours

Lucy set off from Shakespeare Beach at 3:47 am on Sunday morning to begin her epic journey to swim solo across the English Channel, one of the first people post COVID-19.

Love Swimming The Channel12 July at 06:30  · Shared with PublicMorning world. We started our swim at 0347 hrs from Shakespeare beach. Our swimmer today Lucy Ashdown-Parkes. Stroke rate 63Water temp 14cWind 4knots NWSea state luvly Let the challenge commence 🏊‍♀️

Lucy was halfway across the English Channel in just over 7 hours

Love Swimming The Channel
12 July at 11:17  · Shared with Public
Just over halfway and she’s doing really well
Stroke constant 63
Water temp 14.5c ?
Air 20.7c
Sea state very good.
Lots of illegals today which means the weather is very good”

Meanwhile back in the channel, Lucy had to deal with a short 3 minutes breaststroke to allow for a 300m long container ship to pass, who would have thought anything would have stopped Lucy. Not to forget Lucy having to swim through shoals of jellyfish.

It was gripping following the tracker all day on Sunday, with a flurry of social media wishing her the best

After swimming for 18 hours and 53 minutes with just 300m from the French beach Lucy’s swim was aborted by the pilot.

What an amazing swim, @Lucy may not have reached her goal but she has the respect from everyone that she is a true long-distance swimmer #channelswimtayka

With the unfortunate strange tides, Lucy was becoming aware and confused by the direction she was heading, and she was mindful that she was not swimming in a straight line. Getting close to kissing the nose of Anastasia (the boat) she was totally exhausted. Lucy even fell asleep while swimming; the only safe step was for the pilot to stop the swim.

Once on-board Lucy was unable to stand and had slurred speech

Message from Lucy post-swim

“You totally made the right call Eddie, Gutted, but I have every respect for you and your crew”

“Whatever anyone says I will not be a Channel Swimmer until it’s a ratified swim. So watch this space! Beaten for now, but not forever”

Deborah Vine – boat support

Eddie and all the crew you were quite simply the best. Huge respect for the piloting, the encouragement and concern in putting the swimmer first on every count. Privileged to have been a part of Lucy’s team. An incredible meritorious and epic swim

You can still show your support and send her a message on her Total Giving webpage: