SwimTayka’s success at the STA Conference

The Swimming Teachers’ Association (STA) annual conference, held in October, gave SwimTayka the perfect platform to connect with industry experts, swimming professionals, and enthusiastic volunteers. 

We sent a team headed by Fundraising Manager Ash Fanglore and our Founder Bryan Avery, along with other dedicated staff members. It was a wonderful opportunity for SwimTayka, providing ongoing and long-term benefits to our charity.

Raising awareness: our exhibition stand

At the heart of our presence was our meticulously designed exhibit stand. Serving as a touchpoint for learning about SwimTayka’s initiatives, the stand featured engaging fliers, eye-catching banners, and SwimTayka-branded merchandise, including swim towels and caps. The different fliers aimed to highlight our English Channel relay for 2024, introduce our newly launched Ambassador Programme, and disseminate general information about our mission at SwimTayka.

Getting to know you!

Our main focus was to engage with the many delegates present. We chatted to a wide range of people, including swimming instructors, swimming school owners, and representatives from aligned organisations such as RoSPA—The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents. Conversations also extended to professionals in marketing who expressed interest in offering pro bono services to SwimTayka, as well as people who are keen to volunteer.

Our stand was a focal point for attracting delegates and having some fantastic conversations with key players in the industry, including the STA itself and other organisations such as Level Water, which provides lessons for children with disabilities.

And the outcome was…

For SwimTayka, having a stand at the STA conference was a great success. We had several people signing up as interested in helping us; we launched our new SwimTayka Ambassador Programme; and we now have potential collaborations to look forward to. Plus, we’ve been promised equipment and funding from others present.

We were also very pleased to note a growing focus on supporting people with disabilities within the swimming community, part of a positive trend for inclusivity.

The STA Conference 2023 has undoubtedly strengthened SwimTayka’s footing within the swimming community. The event not only allowed us to introduce and clarify our mission to a wider audience but also opened several avenues for fruitful collaborations and community engagement. The future looks bright, and we are incredibly excited about the opportunities that await us.

We’d like to extend heartfelt gratitude to the STA, all attendees, organisers, and our own team members for making this event a resounding success. We look forward to using future such events as a platform for impactful actions and collaborations in the near future.

For more about SwimTayka, or to talk to the team, please get in touch.