They kick their legs harder in Brazil

The SwimTayka programme launched this month, and it aims to teach children in Brazil here to swim, and also educate them on the water in the environment. It is funded by a British NGO called SwimTayka, and ETIV-do-brasil has managed to get more than 80 children involved! It is an excellent opportunity for them to have some fun in the pool, but also to learn some survival skills. Despite living on the coast, so many of the children here have never been to the beach, let alone learnt to swim. They are therefore at risk of contributing to Brazil’s already alarming statistics for the number of deaths at sea, particularly for children under the age of 18.

The children are thus far having a wonderful time, and those that started without knowing squat about swimming, are not confident enough to venture solo into the deep end. It is also a great project as all of us as volunteers have been involved, getting in the pool and helping them kick their legs harder and throwing them sinking seals to find! The project has also allowed us to work with volunteers from the local community, meaning that really everyone has got involved! Check back next month for news on our trip to Praia Concha to celebrate the end of the programme!