We’re challenging you to swim the English Channel, virtually, with Compete Impossible

An exciting opportunity for SwimTayka! Outdoor Swimmer Magazine and Compete Impossible have teamed up to raise money for SwimTayka. For every mile that you swim in June and July, £1 will be donated to SwimTayka. 

The money will help our mission to give disadvantaged communities around the world access to free swimming teachers, which will provide them with a safe place to learn, and continue to give future generations access to water safety and conservation. 

Drowning is a silent epidemic in which 360’000 people a year are losing their lives to. These losses of life are largely preventable and the money raised from the Compete Impossible challenge can continue to support SwimTayka’s  lifesaving vision.

Compete Impossible are creating a virtual swim across the English Channel, and not only will you be doing something good with your challenge, but you will also be able to pick up some freebies too.

Start swimming those 21 miles for SwimTayka, and track it by downloading the Compete Impossible App. Once on the App, you’ll receive an invite to the challenge and you can start tracking your swims. 

This link will take people directly to the event:


Links to download the App:

Compete Impossible – Apps on Google Play

‎Compete Impossible on the App Store (apple.com)