What we do

SwimTayka helps poor communities around the world to:

  1. Educate children about the care of their open water and to preserve them for generations to come
  2. Teach children how to swim, with the ultimate goal of saving lives

Teaching the local people to swim and educating them in water preservation which opens doors
to future jobs for them such as lifesaving and swimming instruction.



Get Involved

Who can apply for the programme?

The swimming expertise of our volunteers and their passion for the world’s open water are what makes SwimTayka stand apart. Although our core programme aims to connect passionate swimmers with poor communities who need swimming teachers, we always need back office staff to promote SwimTayka.


  • Beach time in Tanzania, getting ready for swim analysis. #MakingADifference @BeckyRLH https://t.co/gF3JyJckkI
  • Second week of teaching the teachers in Tanzania, every morning they have class room lessons before heading to the… https://t.co/UIySK0CbfH
  • Today the SwimTayka volunteers in Tanzania get to watch the teachers showing off their new swimming teaching skills… https://t.co/NIBtQsG9qo
  • Makes our work in Tanzania so much more important. https://t.co/6Uft7XoeEt #teachingswimming #drowningprevention… https://t.co/tr8Xxbq5vT
  • Observing confidence building in the water, singing and dancing always brings a smile. @BeckyRLH https://t.co/zn5HQkqYMk
  • Finishing off the day with games for the teachers, which will be introduced into the club that are going to be set… https://t.co/FXbsWPkYmC

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