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Spring and Summer 2020


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  • We 💙 our volunteers and we would 💙love you to join us. If you or anyone you know could be interested or are just a… https://t.co/6GrKr9R9FW
  • Children having fun in Peru having free Swimming Lesson classes being run with the help of @OtraCosaNetwork… https://t.co/qASlJ0Sb0A
  • Chikdren should be taught to swim as early as possible https://t.co/HehvKLEndu
  • And so do we! #drowningprevention #swimminglessons https://t.co/kBSFdVZ3Jc
  • Swimming lessons underway in Peru. #swimminglessons #drowningprevention #waterstewardship https://t.co/jx2rejwAaJ
  • Learning to swim is a vital skill, no matter how large or small you are. Here are some great swimming aids availabl… https://t.co/Jm0FDaSPxL