Itacare is a small fishing and surfing town located in Southern Bahia, about 6 hours south of Salvador, BA. The closest airport is in the city of Ilheus, which is about an hour and a half south of Itacare. We recommend that volunteers fly into Ilheus and then use one of our trusted taxi drivers to take them directly to Itacare from the airport. This is the safest way to arrive as Salvador can be quite dangerous, especially while travelling with all of your luggage and valuables.


April and May. Volunteers will be allowed to stay for as little as 2 weeks, although we highly recommend that volunteers come for at least a month if not the entire term. Time flies by so quickly here, and those that stay longer are often able to build a much stronger relationship with the children, the community and the NGO.

Once lessons begin

Lessons will be held 4 days a week, Monday through Thursday in the mornings and in the afternoons. Fridays will often be devoted to tours in and around Itacare. We will be bringing local children from their neighbourhoods to the end of Praia Concha for their swimming lessons. Praia concha is the best, calmest swimming beach in Itacare, as all of the other ocean beaches usually have big waves and are better suited for surfing. Weekends will be kept free for volunteers to explore the other beaches, travel to other nearby destination or to simply relax in our hammocks and enjoy our garden and river views from the volunteer house.

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