Meet our Bali volunteers: teaching swimming in the tropics

For only his second time on a plane, taking a journey of nearly 8,000 miles to help teach children to swim on a tropical island was pretty intrepid for SwimTayka volunteer Brandon Carter.

But that’s just what he and fellow volunteer Jemima Brimacombe did this summer, when they spent two weeks in Bali, helping with the SwimTayka swim programme.

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Meet Team SwimTayka

Learn all about some of the incredible people working behind the scenes for our charity.

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Meet Indira and Pandit: from non-swimmers to project champions

If there is one thing the swimming programmes we work with at SwimTayka have in common, it’s this: what they do goes far beyond just teaching children to swim.

All the programmes aim to give back to the communities in which they are based, and that invariably includes providing employment opportunities to local people.

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A fun day at the beach turns into a learning opportunity

When people think of Bali they usually imagine beautiful beaches, stunning landscapes, friendly people, a welcoming culture and delicious foods. 

However, there’s another side many people might not think about at first but soon becomes very evident once they arrive. Bali has a massive plastic issue.

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Volunteer in beautiful Bali and get immersed in the community

Did you know more than six million people visit Bali each year? They have a great holiday, see a few sights and go home refreshed. But how much do they really learn about the Indonesian culture, or how fantastic, and warm and welcoming the people are?

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