Learning how to swim can protect marine life and alleviate poverty

Jangamo Bay, Mozambique is known for its diverse marine life of sharks, manta rays, and humpback whales. It was once named a top 10 place in the world for diving. 

It’s what attracted Franscesca Trotman, founder of Love The Oceans, to the area as part of a marine biology internship. After spending some time studying in the bay witnessing the shark finning industry and other unsustainable practices, she knew this place was special. It hadn’t been thoroughly studied and she wanted to change that. 

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Access to information means a more swimmable Thames

Societies have evolved and flourished on rivers for centuries. It was in these places that fish could be caught, farms irrigated, and transport for trade was made easy. Some of the world’s greatest cities have formed on rivers. Cairo on the Nile. Paris on the Seine. London on the Thames. 

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Drowning in Vietnam increases due to climate change and the pandemic

In October of 2020, Central Vietnam experienced unprecedented relentless storms. The typical rainy season usually only lasts for about 2 months with an average of 5 or 6 storms. Last year, the country saw 14 typhoons and tropical storms cause extreme flooding in many regions taking over 200 lives.

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A fun day at the beach turns into a learning opportunity

When people think of Bali they usually imagine beautiful beaches, stunning landscapes, friendly people, a welcoming culture and delicious foods. 

However, there’s another side many people might not think about at first but soon becomes very evident once they arrive. Bali has a massive plastic issue.

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Chairman Report 2020

A year of Covid – who would have thought that this would be upon us for such a long time? We were devastated that we have had to postpone our projects until travel restrictions were lifted, but we knew it was the right thing to do. It has been tragic for our programmes they have just stopped; however, it has also provided us with an opportunity as many people are taking more time to assess what they want to do with their time. As such, our core team has grown to twelve people from finance to legal and policy making. They are worldwide in Singapore, Vietnam and Tanzania. These are all very dedicated individuals, and we welcome them all with open arms as SwimTayka takes on growth.

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The Thames Marathon

SwimTayka is delighted to announce its partnership and involvement with the 2021 Thames Marathon, the Henley Swim event to take place 15 August 2021.

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The water might not be clean, but it won’t stop these kids from fighting for it.

Itacare, Southern Bahia in Brazil is one of the top destinations for surfers and tourists from around the world with miles of white-sand beaches and turquoise water. Located where the rainforest and the Atlantic meet, this beautiful city is known for its lively nightlife, welcoming people, and tranquil nature.

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Sometimes words just aren’t enough!

There was a knock on the door and the delivery driver said he had a few parcels for SwimTayka. A few? He meant a lot!

You see those lovely people from @zoggsuk had kindly sent us some kit to support the projects we run abroad for children.

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Channel Swimmers in Training

Exciting times! This weekend we took our newbie Channel swimmers out for a training session in the English Channel and they were great.

We also had our assessment day for those hoping to join us in our Relay Channel Swim next year.

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Poppy Swimming the Henley Mile

If you stayed around for the last wave of the Henley Swim Festival mile swim, you would have seen Bryan from SwimTayka swimming with his dog a black labrador named Poppy.   This is the first time that a dog has completed the Henley Mile and the crowds certainly came out in force to cheer her on.   

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