Channel Swimmers in Training

Exciting times! This weekend we took our newbie Channel swimmers out for a training session in the English Channel and they were great.

We also had our assessment day for those hoping to join us in our Relay Channel Swim next year.

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Poppy Swimming the Henley Mile

If you stayed around for the last wave of the Henley Swim Festival mile swim, you would have seen Bryan from SwimTayka swimming with his dog a black labrador named Poppy.   This is the first time that a dog has completed the Henley Mile and the crowds certainly came out in force to cheer her on.   

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Don’t throw them out!

Do you get to the end/beginning of the season and replace your kit? Do you want the latest colours/style of @swimseaandstream or @zoggsuk swimsuit, goggles or swim hat? (Other brands are available!!) Or are you just looking for a change?

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Smell of Rubbish

Have you ever met a child who lives in a rubbish dump? Who has to shower before getting into the pool otherwise the flies constantly hassle him or her because they still smell of rubbish?

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Clean Beach Week

Did you know we are not just about teaching children to swim? We also spend much of our time teaching them about their local environment through clean water education. You could say that we are nurturing a generation of world citizens who will act as environmental stewards who love, care for and respect the life-giving rivers, lake and oceans along which they live.

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World Environment Day

What are you doing for World Environment Day? We should be out in Brazil delivering (well playing with and teaching children from the favelas) our swim and clean water programmes. Unfortunately due to the current pandemic we are unable to return just yet)

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Firstly and most importantly, we hope you are safe and well. We want to reach out with a little update on how things stand regarding our programmes in light of Coronavirus restrictions.

We are gutted that we have had to postpone our projects until travel restrictions are lifted but we know it is the right thing to do.

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Volunteers from Peru


Andrea, an ex-professional swimmer, is one of our SwimTayka volunteers in Peru. Andrea, since she came to our team, has been the aquatic angel of the children and together with her have learned a lot about drowning prevention techniques and water-strenching styles. Andrea is also a psychologist and that helps us maintain a great balance between sports discipline and respect for water. Good job Andrea!

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Swim Hat and Goggle Amnesty

We are working in partnership with Sea & Stream to save your old swim hats and goggles from landfill.  In return for sending your gear to Sea & Stream, you can receive 10% off your next purchase with them. 

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The Bahamas and so proud

Always sad to see our program come to an end but we are so proud of the team that came together in Bimini to deliver another phenomenal swim and water stewardship camp. Special guest showed up today to meet our little swimmers #BobbyKennedyJr

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