Join Us In Bali, Indonesia To Help Teach Children To Swim

Please join us for two weeks in July or August (actual dates not confirmed as yet and subject to change) along with our local partner Swimdo in Bali, Indonesia.

This two weeks will be an intense swimming workshop where we will teach Bali children.

You will also have the opportunity to relax at the beach or join in what Bali has to offer.

Swimdo is a non-profit organization that aims to reduce the rate of childhood drowning in high-risk communities in Indonesia, the world’s 4th most populous country. They are a group of young-ocean-loving-people that want to bring our love of the ocean to the children of Indonesia in a safe and responsible manner. They aim to make children safe around water. There program addresses and protects against many causes of childhood drowning. Their mission is to protect and enrich the lives of children through aquatic education.

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Why You Will Love This Location:

Swimdo is located in Keramas, home to a world-class surf break, many other relatively well-known ones, and several secret surf spots we can bring you to for sessions away from the crowds. Many Swimdo Volunteers are also avid surfers, and surf sessions often bracket our teaching. In addition, there are several companies that run 1-2 week surf excursions for beginner surfers in areas like Canggu and Kuta. If you are interested in attending these programs before or after your volunteer experience, we’d be happy to make recommendations.

Cultural Events Because we are serving the children of the village directly, we have been welcomed into village life in a unique way. We are a part of our village and volunteering with Swimdo offers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience Balinese culture firsthand—you will likely be invited to participate in traditional ceremonies and they will be an unforgettable part of your visit.

Yoga Keramas is about a 25-minute drive from what is possibly the world centre of yoga, Ubud. You’ll have access to classes at the famous Yoga Barn, Radiantly Alive, and other fine studios. These classes come at an additional charge.

River Rafting Travel less than an hour into the foothills of Mt. Agung and you’ll be rafting through gorgeous river valleys, passing under sheer cliffs and drifting through the pristine jungle. Swimdo offers discounted trips for our volunteers including chauffeured transportation in a private SUV, a guided trip, and a simple all-you-can-eat buffet lunch afterwards for an additional charge.

Hiking Just outside the door of The Swimdo House, are lovely walks through rice paddies and jungle.

and much must more

SwimTayka Project Fundraising Overview:

Each volunteer is required to raise a target donation amount in order to join a SwimTayka programme. We carefully calculate all projected costs for each unique project and then provide volunteers with a fundraising target that covers most in-country expenses, while excluding any airfare costs.

What is Included in the SwimTayka Fundraising Target:

  • Accommodation for the entire duration of the project
  • All required in-country ground transportation from arrival to departure
  • The full SwimTayka programme uniform
  • Donations of equipment and supplies to local partners
  • A contribution to SwimTayka administrative costs

What is NOT Included in the Fundraising Target:

  • All international and domestic airfare to, from and within the project country
  • Recommended traveller’s insurance to cover illness, injury, or emergency evacuation
  • Any necessary visa application fees, which vary by nationality
  • Optional extended personal leisure travel before/after the project

In summary, volunteers must pay for international flights, visas, insurance and any extra travel themselves, on top of meeting the SwimTayka fundraising target which covers in-country expenses. Meeting the target ensures we can deliver our programmes while keeping costs low for our local partners.