The Challenge

Would you like to conquer the Everest of the swimming world?

Want to swim from England to France and proudly say “I am a Channel Swimmer?”

This swim is seen as the Mt Everest of all swims because more people have climbed Mt Everest than have swum the English Channel.

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SwimTayka provides this unique opportunity to raise money for a swimming non-profit organisation and follow your passion for swimming at the same time.

Swim to France and know that you are helping children in the low-resource area around the world learn to swim and receive education about looking after the open water where they live.

We are delighted to help bring swimming enthusiasts closer to their swimming dreams and help you conquer this world-renowned challenging swim as part of a six-person relay swim.

What’s Involved

This event is for 2022, places get booked up quickly so, sign up now.

Teams of six people swim one hour each, with swims taking anywhere from 12 to 18 hours depending on the weather and the conditions on the day. Each swimmer may get up to three sessions in the water.

We have slots available for August 2022. Don’t worry if you cannot make these dates, as we also have a number of other dates throughout the year, providing plenty of other opportunities for you to take part.


On the assessment day, which will be held on 4th September, at Dover Harbour, you will receive :

  • All the information and tools you need to help you swim faster, more efficiently, and with less effort.
  • The assessment includes around 3-3.5 hours of water time.
  • We conduct an interview with you to find out how you will raise enough money and what fundraising ideas you have.

More details to follow if you register you’re interested are below.

Even if you do not qualify for the team you will enjoy the assessment session.

Our Commitment

We take care of all the necessary administration, book and organise CS&PF boats, arrange teams and provide you with training days and online support throughout the year. We can also offer support from some of the best open water swim coaches in the country and help from a team of ultramarathon swimmers.

Once you are selected for the team, you are required to commit to the programme which includes:

  • Access to the very best in English Channel train, summer weekend sessions in Dover harbour, turn up and be part of a swimming pod for your training. From these sessions, you will be guided and coached by other channel swimmers who have vast knowledge and experience.
  • Night training, Winter training, all from actual English Channel Swimmers.
  • Being part of a group to support and motivate you
  • Boat training sessions, for real English Channel swimming with a cross channel boat to gain experience what it is really like and how it all works. (additional cost)
  • Other sessions will be available if required at a small additional cost.
  • Access to swimming holidays where the waters will be below 16c for the perfect training, enabling you to obtain the qualifier swim. (additional cost)


Applications must be received by 30th August 2021