Is that a dog swimming a mile to raise money for young people living in dangerous areas to provide drowning education and free swimming lessons? YES! It definitely is!

At SwimTayka, we take participation very seriously as one of the driving forces behind our fundraising and awareness education, we have seen volunteers and participants come together from all over the world taking small actions to create big impacts, and it won’t be any different this time!

Join us at Henley Swimming Festival in Henley-on-Thames to see a familiar furry friend doing their part in promoting Drowning Prevention across the world, support her now!


On the 9th of July 2023, Poppy, a beautiful black Labrador belonging to our founder Bryan Avery will become the first dog to complete the Henley Swim Festival mile for a second time! After the buzz that it created last year the first time she completed the mile we can’t wait to see her do it again! We can’t wait to see how she can support us in bring Drowning Education to young people across the world.

Poppy’s effort demonstrates the ability for absolutely everyone to get involved to support SwimTayka. This is an adorable story that warms hearts and also brings smiles as well as donations to SwimTayka, however it also gives rise to an important conversation.  Drowning is one of the leading accidental killers worldwide and everyone is vulnerable to it, especially young people in remote or dangerous areas of the world, without holistic education or training of how to be safe in the water.

So please paws for thought and consider if you could volunteer by booking online above, visit us on the day or donate here.