The role of the SwimTayka trustee

At SwimTayka, we greatly appreciate the hard work our trustees put into supporting our drowning prevention charity. The skills and knowledge they bring are invaluable.

Here we chat to one of our newest trustees, Ben Freeman, about why he joined, what the role of trustee entails and whether he’d recommend it to others (luckily for us, he would!)

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Five brave rough seas to complete Channel relay

One year late – because of Covid – plus the 17 hours and 18 minutes it took to swim across, and an intrepid group of five Channel relay swimmers are among the latest to complete this mammoth feat.

Taking turns of swimming an hour at a time, braving force 5 winds, and coping with seasickness, the team taking part in aid of swim charity SwimTayka can now add their names to the history books of cross-Channel relay swimmers.

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The importance of educating youth about environmental issues

Many advancements have been made as we strive to protect the environment. From electric vehicles and carbon capture technology to biomaterials and a return to regeneration. It’s truly amazing what has been accomplished for the sake of our planet. 

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Join Lake 62 Open Water Swim for SwimTayka

We’re excited to announce our partnership with LPS Events at their Lake 62 Open Water Swim 2021. We have 10 FREE spaces for participants to raise money for our charity!

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Thames Marathon: Taking the Plunge for SwimTayka

When the intrepid Thames Marathon swimmers take to the water in August some will have more than just the swim ahead on their minds.

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Join us in taking the Plastic Free July Challenge

It is not news that plastics are a massive problem for our environment. They can be found everywhere – from the bottom of the ocean to inside the foods we eat, just have a look around. Most of the plastic produced is designed to only be used once before tossed in the bin. At the end of its life, even if they were meant to be recycled, plastic ends up polluting our planet and hurting the wildlife. This human-created waste doesn’t just decompose. Every piece of plastic created still exists today or has been burned. . Once plastics enter our waterways, they start breaking down into tiny bits and pieces known as microplastics. Microplastics not only hurt the animals ingesting them but in turn causing human health concerns as well. 

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Poppy hopes her doggie paddle will make a splash for charity

When swimmers line up to take part in one of the swim calendar’s most popular events, one participant in particular is hoping for a new personal best.

Because alongside the many two-legged entrants in the Henley Swim Festival on July 11 will be one with the potential advantage of having four – black Labrador Retriever and swimming enthusiast Poppy!

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Make us Smile and shop with AmazonSmile on Prime Day!

Amazon Prime members can shop with AmazonSmile on 21st – 22nd June, and donate to SwimTayka at no extra cost!

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Happy World Oceans Day! A day to celebrate and educate.

World Oceans Day has been celebrated and used as a day of action and awareness since 8 June 1992. It was first inspired by the Oceans Institute of Canada’s event “Oceans Day at Global Forum – The Blue Planet”. The programme featured international experts and leaders who spoke of the oceans’ many contributions to sustaining life on our planet. 

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We’re challenging you to swim the English Channel, virtually, with Compete Impossible

An exciting opportunity for SwimTayka! Outdoor Swimmer Magazine and Compete Impossible have teamed up to raise money for SwimTayka. For every mile that you swim in June and July, £1 will be donated to SwimTayka. 

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