5 June, 2019

The Grand Finale!

This week we rounded off the SwimTayka programme with a trip to Praia Ribeira! The programme has been both an awful lot of fun, as well as a giant learning curve, for bot children and teachers. There were some 80 kids that signed up, and this number only grew and grew throughout the 2 months, and all participants are now strong and capable swimmers.

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17 May, 2019

Super helpful Elia

Super helpful Elia, he supports the swimming lessons every morning! He gets in the pool with the trainer Daniel, no matter if there is rain or sun and helps to encourage each one of the children so that they can learn to swim! With a smile on his face and kindness, he influences the children positively!

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14 May, 2019

Exciting, enriching, fulfilling, and humbling

I grew up by the water and learned to swim as a young child. As soon as I was old enough to become certified, I became a Lifeguard and Swimming Instructor so that I could pass on my love of the water to as many people as possible. I have always believed that everyone should know how to swim and that death by drowning is preventable! I began a career in aquatics and remain active in it today.

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14 May, 2019

Who wants to go the beach?

How in the world, in a country comprised of over 700 islands, can fewer than 20 percent of the children know how to swim? It’s not as though I’m talking inhospitable, cold waters but rather the warm, amazingly clear and blue waters of the Bahamas.

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1 May, 2019

They kick their legs harder in Brazil

The SwimTayka programme launched this month, and it aims to teach children in Brazil here to swim, and also educate them on the water in the environment.

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20 April, 2019

The Bahamas and so proud

Always sad to see our program come to an end but we are so proud of the team that came together in Bimini to deliver another phenomenal swim and water stewardship camp. Special guest showed up today to meet our little swimmers #BobbyKennedyJr

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30 January, 2019

UK Space Agency get to hear about SwimTayka

The UK space agency allows their staff volunteering time for charities and Jody Fry prepared and published this article on the internal news about SwimTayka.

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25 November, 2018


Thank YOU for everything you’ve done this year to help SwimTayka grow. Together we are building the next generation of confident swimmers and clean water stewards. Thanks to you (and especially to Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation) last year we hit some benchmarks.

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2 November, 2018

Training teachers in environment knowledge and safe swimming

From October 30 to November 2, 30 teachers from primary and secondary schools in the Quang Dien district of Thua Thien Hue province and 10 trainees from the District Women’s Union participated in a train-the-trainers workshop on drowning prevention and water stewardship.

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12 October, 2018

English Channel Relay – What others have to say

Did you know we are putting together a number of teams to swim the English Channel as a relay for SwimTayka?

See what other Channel Relay swimmers have to say about it!

Crossing by night. the moon underlines the dark breathing and swelling masses. We swam with luminescent sparkles. A night was magnifying perceptions while at the same time losing the sense of space and time.

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