Poppy hopes her doggie paddle will make a splash for charity

When swimmers line up to take part in one of the swim calendar’s most popular events, one participant in particular is hoping for a new personal best.

Because alongside the many two-legged entrants in the Henley Swim Festival on July 11 will be one with the potential advantage of having four – black Labrador Retriever and swimming enthusiast Poppy!

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Make us Smile and shop with AmazonSmile on Prime Day!

Amazon Prime members can shop with AmazonSmile on 21st – 22nd June, and donate to SwimTayka at no extra cost!

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Happy World Oceans Day! A day to celebrate and educate.

World Oceans Day has been celebrated and used as a day of action and awareness since 8 June 1992. It was first inspired by the Oceans Institute of Canada’s event “Oceans Day at Global Forum – The Blue Planet”. The programme featured international experts and leaders who spoke of the oceans’ many contributions to sustaining life on our planet. 

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We’re challenging you to swim the English Channel, virtually, with Compete Impossible

An exciting opportunity for SwimTayka! Outdoor Swimmer Magazine and Compete Impossible have teamed up to raise money for SwimTayka. For every mile that you swim in June and July, £1 will be donated to SwimTayka. 

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Swimming, the environment and learning a new language

How does a half American, half Brazilian double Masters graduate end up running a project in a coastal town in Brazil, teaching young people how to look after their environment?

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Creating equal access to education through a shared love of the environment.

Swimming lessons are a special treat for the whole community of Huanchaco, Trujillo on the coast of Northern Peru. Not just kids, but even adults join in. Drowning is a worldwide epidemic among children and especially those in developing countries. 

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UK swim charity backs United Nation’s historic pledge to reduce drowning

UK children’s swim charity SwimTayka has welcomed news that world governments are for the first time pledging to put more effort into drowning prevention.

UN General Assembly members have adopted an historic resolution, committing to greater efforts to prevent drowning. 

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Turning the tide against child drownings in Vietnam

It’s an alarming statistic. More than 2,000 children drown every year in Vietnam and it’s the leading cause of child death. But one man is on a mission to turn this figure around and with his organisation he’s already making progress.

Meet Graham Buckley, whose love of the water turned into a passion to teach children to swim.

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Learning how to swim can protect marine life and alleviate poverty

Jangamo Bay, Mozambique is known for its diverse marine life of sharks, manta rays, and humpback whales. It was once named a top 10 place in the world for diving. 

It’s what attracted Franscesca Trotman, founder of Love The Oceans, to the area as part of a marine biology internship. After spending some time studying in the bay witnessing the shark finning industry and other unsustainable practices, she knew this place was special. It hadn’t been thoroughly studied and she wanted to change that. 

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Access to information means a more swimmable Thames

Societies have evolved and flourished on rivers for centuries. It was in these places that fish could be caught, farms irrigated, and transport for trade was made easy. Some of the world’s greatest cities have formed on rivers. Cairo on the Nile. Paris on the Seine. London on the Thames. 

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