Because of the work you do matters, we want to help your initiative reduce drowning and education the children around water stewardship in the world! If you are part of a grassroots initiative (NGO or charity) that is near river, lakes or oceans, we want to help you.

Swimming is a Life Skill That Everyone Should Possess.

SwimTayka believes that all children, no matter where they are, should be able to swim. It is a life skill that many of us take for granted, however, there are more than 360,000 lives lost to drowning globally every year, the majority are aged under 18.

These deaths are preventable.

SwimTayka provides free swimming lessons and environmental education about clean water stewardship to underprivileged children who live along the Earth’s open waters: rivers, lakes and oceans. We aim to create a legacy for today’s children, who will grow up to teach the next generation.

We are looking to expand our projects and increase the number of children we reach.

Are you an organisation or charity that is based in a disadvantaged area that local children would benefit from learning this basic life skill?

SwimTayka is looking for organisations to partner with to jointly host projects across the globe.

SwimTayka will:

  • Connect you with volunteer swimming instructors and environmental educators
  • Provide basic water safety, swimming and clean water education.

Zero Cost

Organisations, not-for-profit, charities must fit the following criteria to become Community Partners eligible for our cost-free SwimTayka Programme.

    • Be geographically located in a waterside community along an ocean, river or lake
    • Have programmes in place to serve disadvantaged children
    • Enjoy positive relationships with the communities it serves
    • Have safety protocols in place for staff, volunteers, and the individuals it serves


We do have preferred criteria of partners, this is not an extensive list

    • Have a history of working with international volunteers and serving the local community
    • Be able to facilitate access to swimming locations such as swimming pools and/or open water swim locations
    • Share the SwimTayka vision, is as passionate about teaching children to swim and environmental stewardship as we are
    • Have similar programmes in place and dedicated staff for environmental education, water stewardship, water safety, and/or swimming
    • Have a well-developed board of directors/trustees
    • Be open to and capable of cross-promoting our programmes, and assisting SwimTayka volunteers with local logistics such as accommodations, transport, swimming locations, classrooms, field trips, etc.

Community Partner Application

We invite you to learn more about the SwimTayka programme before applying

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