This is a two to six week project for volunteers with some experience in international travel, and who are willing to try to something new.  Must speak spanish and have experience as a youth swim instructor or be familiar with principles of environmental education. 

Working closely with our NGO partners, other volunteers, environmental educators and surfers, the volunteer will deliver the SwimTayka method in water safety and water stewardship.  As a SwimTayka volunteer you will join a community of international volunteers serving various NGOs in Huanchaco to participate in a summer vacation learning experience for local children.

Our partner organization, Otra Cosa Network, runs a year-round volunteer program serving the needs women and children living in Huanchaco and the surrounding shantytowns through the HELP programs in literacy, environmental education, sports, and girl empowerment.  Boqueron Surf School is one of many surf schools in Huanchaco, but has the unique mission to teach low resource children surfing as a life skill.  

Experience working with children, and familiarity with Peruvian culture will be a plus. Spanish language skills are required, as effective communication is essential. Volunteers will work independently, relying heavily on teamwork and creativity, with some coordination with staff of OCN and Boqueron Surf School.

What you will be doing

  • As a SwimTayka volunteer, you will deliver the SwimTayka Method youth education program in Drowning Prevention and Water Stewardship.  The program is a high touch, hands-on, youth education module for children ages 4 – 14, to teach basic swimming skills, water safety, principles of environmental education, and tools for water stewardship.
  • In preparation for the project launch, you will work closely with SwimTayka leadership in developing the Curriculum, allowing flexibility to make adjustments as needed.
  • In general, your work schedule will run weekdays during working hours.  Weekends and evenings are free for you to explore your stunning surroundings:
    • Four mornings a week, roughly 9 am – 1 pm. One day a week may be reserved for planned field trips.
    • Volunteers will accompany the participants to and from the training location (a local pool or swimming area), provide dry-land instruction and in-water lessons, and ensure safety for all participants at all times.
    • The general structure of the day may be: 45 minutes travel time, 1 hour water drowning prevention, 1 hour environmental education, 45 minutes travel time.

Cost per volunteer

£740 which includes:

  1. SwimTayka registration fee £40 (this goes towards criminal background checks)
  2. SwimTayka volunteer fee £700 (this goes towards running the program)

Additional costs to consider:

  1. International airfare
  2. Travel vaccinations
  3. International travellers insurance
  4. Local accommodations
  5. Local meals, transport, entertainment

To support your fundraising efforts, SwimTayka is available to help you design and launch a crowd-funding site and will feature you in our promotional efforts.


A little about Huanchaco, Peru, an international surfing reserve and fishing reserve

A general overview of Huanchaco can be found here:

This excellent description of the beautiful history and uniqueness of Huanchaco, dually recognized as a world surfing reserve and world fishing reserve, was provided to us by Huanchaco’s indomitable ambassador, Carlos Antonio Ferrer:

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