Swim Hat and Goggle Amnesty

We regret to inform you that Sea & Stream, our esteemed partner in the initiative to prevent swim hats and goggles from ending up in landfills, has ceased operations. Consequently, we are currently unable to accept any swimwear or equipment for recycling. This pause affects our previously announced scheme, where participants could send their used gear to Sea & Stream in exchange for a discount on future purchases.

Sea & Stream has been instrumental in offering a curated selection of swimwear and accessories designed for the eco-conscious swimmer, including products such as swimwear, bobble hats, towels, blankets, art, and gift sets. They have been committed to ensuring that good condition goggles and hats are passed on to SwimTayka and artists for repurposing, while items that cannot be repurposed were to be recycled by specialist companies.

We had planned to pilot the collection of swim hats and goggles at local lakes and events, aiming to further expand this initiative. For those who have expressed interest in this program for your swim lake or event, we appreciate your support and will keep you updated on future developments.