Swim Hat and Goggle Amnesty

We are working in partnership with Sea & Stream to save your old swim hats and goggles from landfill.  In return for sending your gear to Sea & Stream, you can receive 10% off your next purchase with them. 

Sea & Stream has a carefully curated collection of ‘thoughtful things for wild swims’.  Products include swimwear, bobble hats, towels, blankets, art and gift sets.  Sea & Stream will be passing good condition goggles and hats onto SwimTayka and artists to repurpose them.  Items that cannot be repurposed will be recycled by a specialist company.

Here is the link to the recycling page of the shop https://seaandstream.co.uk/pages/goggle-and-swim-hat-recycling

We will be piloting the collection of swim hats and goggles at local lakes and events.  If you are interested in this for your swim lake or event, you can get in touch with hello@seaandstream.co.uk

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