I’m an ‘adult onset’ swimmer who joined my local master’s club and enjoyed the challenge and competitive nature of the squad.  I have competed at European Masters Championships and the World Masters Games.

I ventured into open water after a few years and since then have completed 20 English Channel Relays, 3 English Channel solos, Round Jersey, Jersey to France, Windermere and Lake Zurich solos.  I’ve also completed 3.5 stages of SCAR.

My qualifications include L2 swimming teacher, L2 open water coach, L1 swimming coach as well as being a British Swimming Referee.  I have trained hundreds of soloists and relay swimmers to complete all manner of challenges.  I’m currently undergoing further training and am gaining more experience being mentored by a very experienced coach in my club.

As well as running Dover Channel Training, I also coach swimmers on a one to one basis from my Endless Pool in Surrey.  We have a full suite of cameras so that not only can I see the fine details of your stroke, so can you!  The most effective way of learning.