I’m Liz, an experienced professional with a strong background in providing support and assistance. I have worked in various industries for over three decades, gaining expertise in predicting needs and finding solutions. I have supported customers, directors, charities, and start-ups.

After a fulfilling time at Virgin Atlantic and other ventures, I transitioned to freelance work as a personal assistant. This allowed me to provide a more personalized approach to clients, incorporating the unique challenges small businesses and charities face.

Working with Swim Tayka has been a privilege. I am inspired by their impactful projects and the diverse team behind the charity. Although I haven’t done a channel swim, I prefer fundraising outside of the water. I am motivated by the charity’s reach across cultures and continents.

My ultimate goal is to help clients succeed by allowing them to focus on their talents. I am excited to bring my expertise and passion to the SwimTayka position and contribute to this remarkable organisation.