What we do

SwimTayka collaborates with local organizations in communities near oceans, rivers and lakes. Volunteer educators in our Youth Education program provide life skills training in:

  1. Swimming and drowning prevention
  2. Environmental education and clean water stewardship

Through our Train-the-Trainers program, we build local capacity and programmatic sustainability by preparing young adults to become swim instructors and environmental educators.




Get Involved

Who can apply for the program?

Join us in building the next generation of confident swimmers and clean water stewards. Become a volunteer educator or trainer. Host an event. Sponsor a volunteer. Donate swimsuits and goggles. Make a video. Write an article.

  • Did you see the article in this months LIFESAVER magazine? https://t.co/Ejtx0hpCiO
  • Great presentation from @SwimTayka at @StJohnsMarlb to year 13 students to help them and encourage them for their gap year opportunities
  • This months LIFESAVERS magazine from the RLSS UK sees a @SwimTayka article on the community and how it all started. https://t.co/UJQAzrMpfB
  • Happy Halloween! We have a few spots left for Huanchaco, Peru https://t.co/pPiZho5tb2 https://t.co/jbDdb27N8B
  • The Extended English Channel relay registration is due soon, so signup if you are interested https://t.co/3qWWR4vpph https://t.co/NrdGRGW3wC
  • Great resource for Drowning Prevention https://t.co/1F0nc5fXuB https://t.co/XvfVR2eqEC

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