The swimming expertise of our volunteers and their passion for the world’s open water set SwimTayka apart. Therefore, our volunteers are expected to be:


about our responsibility to care for the earth’s open waters and the next generation of confident swimmers.  SwimTayka volunteers are swimmers, swim instructors, lifeguards, environmental educators, engineers, advocates, and lifelong learners.


in cultural competencies, foreign language, and international travel.  Our volunteers are seasoned travelers who can flex with changing circumstances, always keeping safety as their number one priority.


to handle everyday surprises, and respond to water safety emergencies.  SwimTayka volunteers are asked to carry individual travel and liability insurance coverage, and complete a background check before beginning a project.



Chloé Joseph  (Belgium)

Deux jours après mon arrivée à Huanchaco, dans l’ONG Otra Cosa Network, j’ai rencontré ma future équipe de travail: Bryan & Quique (pour les intimes) avec qui j’allais donner des cours de natation à des enfants incroyables (et je ne pèse pas mes mots) ! Des enfants toujours motivés, qui veulent apprendre, remplis d’énergie et tellement attachants.


Beata Gullberg (Sweden)

In Huanchaco, many of the children in the poorer areas come from migrant families, originally from the highlands, where not many people know how to swim. What SwimTayka is doing is amazing, and it really changes the children’s relationship to the ocean and boosts their self confidence!


Quique Landa Cuba (Peru)

¡Una experiencia fantástica y tan gratificante


Fiona Weir (Scotland)

The children were so happy to see us each morning when we arrived to take them to the ocean (yes, the ocean).  They were grateful that someone would give up their time to take them to the beach and teach them how to swim.


Join us in the north of Peru, in a small surfing community called Huanchaco. This area was first settled by ancient civilisations over a thousand years ago and lies close to the ruined city of Chan Chan. Most of the families that we work with are from displaced mountain communities and now live in a shanty town on the outskirts of the town in homes with dirt floors and no running water.


ETIV Do Brasil

Please join us with our partner ETIV do Brasil in beautiful Itacare, Bahia; where the tropical rainforest meets the Atlantic Ocean and beautiful beaches, jungles, waterfalls and wildlife abound. Bahia is located in the North Eastern region of Brazil and has a deep Afro-Brazilian culture that is famous for its unique art, music, dance and traditions including Capoeira and Samba.



Would you like to conquer the Everest of the swimming world?

Want to swim from England to France and be proud to say “I am a Channel Swimmer?”

This swim is seen as the Mt Everest of all swims because more people have climbed Mt Everest than have swum the English Channel.