Hue, Vietnam

This is a two-week project for one or two experienced volunteers. Volunteers must have expertise in environmental education and familiarity with water stewardship principles. Working closely with local environmental educators and experts in service learning, the volunteer will design and deliver a “train-the-trainers” program in water stewardship for local school teachers, and then support the teachers as they provide lessons to their students.

Our host organisation, Hue Help, runs an active swim school with a drowning prevention program currently in place.  This project will supplement existing programs by providing capacity building for Hue Help teachers in the area of environmental education.

Experience working with adult learners and children, and familiarity with Vietnamese culture will be a plus. Vietnamese language skills are not required, as on-site interpreters will be available. Volunteers will work closely with the staff of Hue Help, local educators, university researchers and community leaders.

What you will be doing

  • As a SwimTayka volunteer, you will deliver the SwimTayka “Train-the-Trainers Curriculum in Environmental Education / Water Stewardship”.  The program is a high-level capacity-building education module for adult learners on the subject of training environmental education/water stewardship.
  • In preparation for the project launch, you will work closely with SwimTayka leadership in developing the Curriculum in close consultation and partnership with experts and researchers in Vietnam.
  • We expect that the inaugural launch in Vietnam of the Train-the-Trainers Curriculum will provide a launchpad and structure for future SwimTayka Train-the-Trainers programs worldwide.
  • This project has two parts: (1) a one-day capacity building workshop for primary school educators, and (2) one to two weeks of implementation support for the newly trained educators in their classrooms.
  • In general, your work schedule will run weekdays during working hours.  Weekends and evenings are free to explore your stunning surroundings:
    • One to three days to coordinate with our local host, conduct the on-site risk assessment, and finalise logistical details for the capacity building workshop.
    • One day to deliver the workshop
    • Three to five days per week to provide implementation support in the classroom.
    • One day to conduct a post-project assessment and project summary.



which includes:

  • SwimTayka Registration fee £40 (which goes towards criminal background checks)
  • SwimTayka volunteer fee £500 (this goes towards running the program)

Additional costs to consider:

  • International airfare
  • Travel vaccinations
  • International travellers insurance
  • Local accommodations
  • Local meals, transport, entertainment

A little about Hue, Vietnam

The location of Hue is in central Vietnam. It was home to the Nguyen dynasty and the capital city of Vietnam from 1802-1945. Consequently, Hue is full of history and culture and is often cited as one of Vietnam’s most traditional cities.

The province of Thua Thien Hue is home to South-East Asia’s largest lagoon, an extensive coastline and significant lakes and rivers. Bach Ma, a national park located in the province, is known as the wettest place in Vietnam. Hue experiences annual flooding.

Hue is accessible by train from Hanoi, HCMC and Da Nang. It is well connected to HCMC and Hanoi via regular flights from Phu Bai Airport. Da Nang city and Hoi An are a short journey to the South, while to the North the province is bordered by Quang Tri, known as the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) during the American / Vietnam war.

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