Don’t throw them out!

Do you get to the end/beginning of the season and replace your kit? Do you want the latest colours/style of @swimseaandstream or @zoggsuk swimsuit, goggles or swim hat? (Other brands are available!!) Or are you just looking for a change?

If the answer is yes then STOP right there and before you discard those old items think about recycling them we have the answer for you.

We would love your swim hats and goggles or your children’s swimsuits, our partner @swimseaandstream collects them on our behalf, have a look at their website.

And if you are replacing an adult swimsuit have you seen @lindseycoleadventures is collecting old swimsuits and using them to make her latest mermaids tail? See the link to the article below from Outdoor Swimmer Magazine.

If you would like any more info on how you can help the children we support pop a message in the comments below and we will get in touch.

Wanted: Mermaid seeks new tail