English Channel Relay – What others have to say

Did you know we are putting together a number of teams to swim the English Channel as a relay for SwimTayka?

See what other Channel Relay swimmers have to say about it!

Crossing by night. the moon underlines the dark breathing and swelling masses. We swam with luminescent sparkles. A night was magnifying perceptions while at the same time losing the sense of space and time.

It comes to the magic of the world to live and feel the birth of the dawn, coming along with the approaching land. It was a beautiful time shared with friends united by the love of open water swimming.

Dr Alexandre Fuzeau, Ice Doc

Swimming the channel was an amazing adventure. It was at some points amazing and other times (due to seasickness) horrendous.

The team all pulled together as we swam through the night and we really bonded.

When we landed on the beach in Dover it was such an amazing sense of relief and elation and a memory I will always treasure.

The most expensive way to get to France by far the most rewarding and worth every penny.

Colin France, IT Guru


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