RLSS UK’s Lifesavers Magazine

The SwimTayka community and how it all started….

This months LIFESAVERS magazine from the RLSS UK sees a SwimTayka article on the community and how it all started.

As a youngster, long time RLSS UK member Bryan Avery had a passion for competitive lifesaving, encouraged and coached by Pat O’Connell. This passion went on to fuel Bryan’s swims across the English Channel, around Manhattan Island and across Lake Titicaca.

Today, it is those adventures that have opened Bryan’s eyes to the plight of poorer children across the world and their lack of access to swimming lessons. And so SwimTayka was born! A non-profit organisation that provides free swimming lessons and education for clean water stewardship to underprivileged children that live near rivers, lakes and oceans. In addition to teaching children how to swim and about the importance of ocean conservation both on a national and local level. SwimTayka aims to influence its students to tap into their new-found love for the water in not only their everyday lives, but also their career choices.”Once local people can swim and understand the principles of water preservation, it can open doors to future jobs for them such as lifesaving, swimming instruction, scuba diving instructors etc.”

“If you care about the water, the water will take care of you. And let’s face it, no one wants to swim in dirty water” said Bryan.

Are you a qualifies RLSS UK instructor? Passionate about the water and want to teach children? Want to become a part of the SwimTayka family or donate to the cause? Find out more at swimtayka.org