Volunteers from Peru


Andrea, an ex-professional swimmer, is one of our SwimTayka volunteers in Peru. Andrea, since she came to our team, has been the aquatic angel of the children and together with her have learned a lot about drowning prevention techniques and water-strenching styles. Andrea is also a psychologist and that helps us maintain a great balance between sports discipline and respect for water. Good job Andrea!


Daniela is our environmental tutor. She, a communicator by profession, has a great career working with children and helping them have a great vision about caring for the environment. For the children, Daniela is like the older sister who is always caring for them and teaching them respect for their surroundings. The SwimTayka team out of the water is dedicated to showing them the consequences of not taking care of the planet and the sea and also the techniques to achieve it. Daniela is a magnificent person and with many qualities with children. Together with her, the SwimTayka team found a balance between the classes in the water and the environmental classes.


Eduardo is our swimming tutor. He is a Spanish national and came to Peru to support us in our goal of helping our children to obtain the qualities and skills of real dolphins in the water. Eduardo has a great experience of lifeguards and teaching techniques that are not from this planet and that makes children very happy. For him, SwimTayka’s children are like children who always have to take care of them and teach them respect and discipline if they want to achieve their goals. Welcome to Peru and SwimTayka team Eduardo!


This is Paul our Swimtayka coordinator in Peru. Paul’s day-to-day mission is to control and make our program work perfectly, thus balancing swimming lessons and environment classes. Paul, he always wears a smile on his face and he’s passed it on to his team and the kids because he has the vision that while a child is smiling, the world can be different and improve to great magnitudes. He goes from very early to pick up some of our little ones to take them to the pool and then back to their homes. The SwimTayka team is very happy to have him Great job Paul!