Clean Beach Week

Did you know we are not just about teaching children to swim? We also spend much of our time teaching them about their local environment through clean water education. You could say that we are nurturing a generation of world citizens who will act as environmental stewards who love, care for and respect the life-giving rivers, lake and oceans along which they live.

Our vision is a world where children grow up to respect their environment and understand how their rivers, lakes and oceans are sources of wholesome food, provide their livelihoods and play their part in maintaining a healthy life free from waterborne illnesses.

So as you can imagine #CleanBeachesWeek is close to our hearts and those of our partners throughout the world. Please take your rubbish home and if you see other people’s rubbish it would be great if you could pick that up as well. What is on our beaches is a fraction of that in the sea and this has such a huge impact on the water-based communities that we serve.