World Environment Day

What are you doing for World Environment Day? We should be out in Brazil delivering (well playing with and teaching children from the favelas) our swim and clean water programmes. Unfortunately due to the current pandemic we are unable to return just yet)

Looking after the environment in which we live, no matter where in the world we are, is essential to our wellbeing. This why in addition to teaching our children drowning prevention skills and techniques we also teach them clean water education. We are nurturing a generation of world citizens who will act as environmental stewards who love, care for and respect the life-giving rivers, lakes and oceans along which they live.

We envisage a world where children grow up with respect for their environment and understand how their rivers, lakes and oceans are sources of wholesome food, provide their livelihoods and play an important part in maintaining a healthy life free from waterborne illnesses.

Our projects in Peru along with Otra Cosa Network teach the children about the importance of the Caballito de Totoras, how to make them and how to use them for sustainable fishing to provide food on their tables.

So please wherever in the world you are, look after your environment, love it, care for it and nurture it and it will look after you.